A quick note about BoB…

boblandingDear Biology on the Box visitor,

Welcome to our site – welcome back if you’ve been here before. We aim to provide recommendations of television and radio resources which have been broadcast in the UK as a means to promote engagement in bioscience teaching.

In doing so, we make particular use of Box of Broadcasts, a collection of copyright-cleared recordings for use in education. At present a major upgrade to BoB is underway.

As a consequence, although the core information on our site remains valid, the specific links to clips from the programme are all currently broken. We apologise that this constrains usage of our resources. This is a temporary issue, but it is one beyond the control of the Biology on the Box team, and once the links are restored we will be back underway at full steam.

UPDATE (26th September): I am pleased to report that most of the links to clips within Box of Broadcasts have now been restored (though you will still need to be within a subscribing institution to reap the full benefit of this service). If you find any links that are still broken, please let us know. Thank you, and happy viewing.