Bacteriophage therapy (BBC News)

Broadcaster: BBC News (and BBC 1) Year: 2017 Genre: News URL: There has been growing concern about antibiotic resistance over recent years. One alternative is to use bacteriophage (phage), viruses that attack bacteria. The idea is not new, it was actively pursued in the former Soviet Union, but is now being investigated in a rigorous … Continue reading Bacteriophage therapy (BBC News)

Phage therapy as an alternative antibiotics

Broadcaster: BBC2 Year: 2016 Genre: Magazine Length: 7 mins 17 secs URL: The growing menace of antibiotic resistance has been the subject of increasing press attention in recent years. In this clip from the BBC’s medical magazine show Trust Me I’m A Doctor surgeon Gabriel Weston investigates a potential alternative to antibiotics, the use of bacteriophage … Continue reading Phage therapy as an alternative antibiotics

Defeating the Superbugs (Horizon)

Broadcaster: BBC 2 Year: 2012 Genre: Documentary URL: Review by Josh Sutton Antibiotic resistance in bacteria is currently one of the largest problems facing modern medicine. The rise in cases of multiple drug resistance tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are only the best-known examples of a wider issue. In this Horizon documentary from 2012, … Continue reading Defeating the Superbugs (Horizon)