The judicious use of audiovisual material brings a valuable extra dimension to teaching. This site has been set up as a means to share suggestions for the use of TV in Biology teaching.

The programmes discussed here must be available within Box of Broadcasts (BoB). This may seem an unnecessary constraint – there are good programmes that may not currently be in BoB. However, the intention is to produce an archive that will be of immediate relevance to University lectures (and students) with access to this streamed media service.[update: since December 2014 the BoB service has been broadened to include School Members].

In the first instance, the site will serve to flag up valuable programmes and a URL for where members of subscribing institutions can find the relevant episode. On occasions there will be addition of specific recommendations of how to use the programme, or clips from it.

Posts without author credits are written by Chris Willmott. Posts with a named author but no institution are written by students. Posts with name and institution are written by colleagues at other centres.

Colleagues in University and/or School teaching are invited to recommend programmes and, even better, to offer testimony or resources outlining how they have used this material in their own teaching. To do so, please contact me: cjrw2 AT le DOT ac DOT uk .

Note: Unless otherwise specified, the links go to complete episodes. These are, however, generally clipped from original files that included material before and after the programme (plus adverts, if applicable). You cannot extract further clips from within a clip, therefore if there is a shorter section you wish to pick then you will need to click on the “full programme” link and select the shorter section(s) from there.

Some of the post on this site are developed with the aid of the University of Leicester’s Student Experience Enhancement Group.


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