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Biologyonthebox is curated by Chris Willmott at the University of Leicester. It has always been envisaged as a resource for the community; initially lecturers and students of bioscience in Higher Education  but now, following the launch of BoB for Schools, for secondary teachers as well.

Would you be interested in contributing materials to the site? Post can come in a variety of shapes and sizes – some are very short, serving simply to signpost the existence of a particular programme or clip within BoB. Others are rather longer and include details of the contents and/or recommendations about how a particular clip might be used in teaching, worksheet etc. Contributions of any recommendations relevant to teaching of bioscience are welcomed.

Aside from a specific grant which offers a small remuneration to current Leicester students for posts that they write, I’m afraid that there is no budget to pay other contributors. Posts will, however, carry the name of the author. Plus you will have the warm glow of knowing that you’ve contributed something for the benefit of others in similar circumstances.

If you are interested in writing any reviews please contact Chris at cjrw2 AT le DOT ac DOT uk



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